Can I receive a real-time data from Arduino to end device?

I am working on an Arduino project in collaboration with the XBee 3 Mesh Kit. The project is designed to transmit data from FSR and MPU6050 sensors to the Arduino through ZigBee Mesh communication to an end unit via an XBee router unit. A total of three XBee components. My problem in this project is to send the real-time data received in Arduino to the end unit XBee. Right now, what I have been able to do is transfer data manually through the Serial Monitor to the end unit.
Can I receive real-time data on the end device from an XBee coordinator unit through an IDE code?
I cannot transfer the information printed on the Serial Monitor in real-time to the end unit. Is there a need for an additional Arduino in a direct UART connection to Arduino on the end device for this purpose?

As far as the XBee is concerned, the radio is nothing more than a cable between the devices. What I suggest is that you get it working in your Arduino first by a wired connection and the XBee port on the Arduino. Them put the XBee into the picture.