Can I use Intel Galileo (with Digi Xbee S2) as Gateway (with Arduino XBee end points) to Connect to Digi DeviceCloud?

We are interested in using the Digi Device Cloud Etherios in our solution which is being built as follows:

  1. We have the Intel Galileo board acting as a Gateway on which we have installed the Digi Cloud Connector (Embedded Gateway package). We also have the Digi XBee S2 setup on this Intel Galileo board.

The Digi cloud connector on the Intel board is working fine & we are able to see the device as well as the data stream from the Gateway on Etherios.

  1. Now, we would like to see the Non-Digi (Arduino) end points which are using the Digi Xbee S2 modules to send data via the Intel Galileo Gateway to the Etherios Device Cloud. Is this possible? Can we use the Discover feature of the Etherios device cloud to discover the Arduino end points which are using the Digi XBee modules?

If it is possible to do this, can you please share some inputs on how can we accomplish this?

Thank you.