Can i use Xbee with esp8266 instead of Arduino

I need two Xbees to communicate. One sends data and another receives and send it to the cloud.But most of the tutorial online just shows XBEE’s and arduino only.Is it possible to use it with esp8266 ? If yes how?(So basically one Xbee sends data to another Xbee and the receiver Xbee send the data though serial to ESp8266).I am new to wireless stuff .

Thank you in advance.


In the vast majority of the books and examples you are referring to, the XBee is nothing more than a wireless cable between two or more devices. So as long as your ESP8266 has a COM port, and you are able to make the proper connections at the proper voltages, I don’t see why it would not work.

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Thanks. ESP8266 can receive through RX pin. My worry was on the voltage. ESP8266 takes 3.3V. What kind of voltage regulator should i look into?
Here is the datasheet Thank you again.

I would recommend something like a 1A or 2A voltage regulator at 3.3V and have enough filtration between both processors to filter any bleed over noise.

Hi, did you solve the problem? To connect the Xbee S2C (coordinator) with the ESP8266. Is it advisable to use the GPIO or Tx / Rx connection?

You use the Tx/Rx options.

Did you ever manage to create a project using this? I am trying to create a similar project that involves using XBee Pro S3B 900HP.