Can multiple Windows 2008R2 servers connect to the same PortServer TS MEI?

We are currently using a PortServer TS MEI device with a Windows 2008r2 server. We would like to set up this configuration on two additional Windows 2008r2 servers, but the install process does not recognize IP or mac address of RealPort device. We are wondering if this is by design or if we’re missing something in the configuration.

It is possible to have multiple servers connect to the same PortServer TS unit. You might want to confirm that you can ping the unit form the Windows PC. Additionally, please ensure the 771 port is not being blocked/firewalled as this is the port used by the driver for communication.

Lastly, you may need to enable port sharing in order to access the ports simultaneously. This is set in the web interface under Configuration > Serial Ports > (Port #) > Advanced Serial Settings > Allow multiple systems to simultaneously connect

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Thank you! This is exactly the information I needed. Our issue has been resolved.