Can PortServer TS 2 MEI pass serial data on port1 as a RealPort and on port2 as UDP?

Using a PortServer TS 2 MEI: 911 telephone ALI serial data has been passed using port1 on a RealPort. I now also need to pass the same data on port2 using UDP. Can this device perform these tasks simultaneously? How can I get the serial data to the second destination?


Each serial port may have a unique port profile, for example port 1 can be RealPort and port 2 can be UDP socket. Does this answer your question?

Thank you for your response. Currently I have Port1 as a Realport and Port2 as UDP. I continue to receive data on the Realport, the data is logged and the associated systems that then receive the data are running appropriately, but on Port2-UDP I’m not receiving/logging the same serial data that is reaching Port1. So, I’m seeking input as to why Realport is functioning and UDP is not. Thanks in advance.