Realport isn't working properly with >16 UDP Channels

I have configured 32 ports on an LTS 32 for UDP serial operation and have configured realport in the same way. However, if I try to send serial data, the realport serial driver repeats the UPD ports once one goes above 16. e.g. the first serial port uses port number 2101 but the 17th serial port also uses this number instead of 2117.

The OS is windows server 2008.

RealPort uses port 771 for communicating with all ports. Is your port profile set to RealPort for the serial port configuration on the LTS unit?

The realport driver is set to UDP on all channels and the LTS also to UDP (not realport) so I’m not sure if the comment on port 771 is relevant. In effect I’m using the realport driver to translate the serial ports seen by the win 2008 application to UDP messages for the LTS.