Can my two xBees communicate?

Hello. I’m an absolute beginner when it comes to xBees and I’m trying to get my two xBees to communicate by simply using the Console on XCTU and to have the character that I am typing on one xBee’s Console to appear on the other xBee’s Console.

The first xBee is an XBEE-PRO 900 from the product family XBP09-DP.

The other xBee is an XBEE-PRO XSC (S3B) 9600 from the product family XBP9B-XC.

The reason for the two other products that I have is because this was what our school rocketry club had to lend to me for testing.

Is it possible to get these two to communicate using the process I mentioned above because I noticed in XCTU that they both have different Network and Security settings. How should I configure their Network and Security settings in order to “pair” the two xBees.

Thank you for the help!

No, they are complexity different products not capable of cross communicating. It would be best to obtain two new S3B 900 HP modules.

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