Can ping my ME 9210 but can't access to the web interface

Hi guys !

I have a ME 9210, which works (the orange led is always on, the green one winks), and I give a ip to the ME 9210 through a DHCP server (which mean I can ping my ME thanks to the windows command).

But I can’t access to the web interface (I put the ip in the url address of my web browser), and if I try the windows command telnet, the ME asks me for a login and a password. The configure Digi devices give me root for the login and dbps for the password but it doesn’t work.

Do you guys have any ideas…?

Thanks !

Verify that you are running http, run the example http application and see if you can access it, make sure you are not blocking port 80, http port.

I guess you are having a NET+OS module whole login credential is
root/password or root/Netsilicon

Is this DC-ME-Y402-C ?? Or JTAG one?
By default these modules dont have a web interface… Even if they have it will be just a Digi logo in webUI.