Can the Digi One IAP Convert Ethernet/IP to Modbus TCP?

I am a systems integrator that deals primarily with ControlLogix systems. We often need to communicate to a DCS via Modbus Serial or Modbus TCP and I was wondering if the Digi One IAP would be a means to do that.
Typically I have a redundant ControlLogix setup with each rack having 1 (and sometimes 2) ENBT ethernet modules. It seems that the Digi One IAP should have no problem converting the Ethernet/IP to Modbus Serial but what isn’t clear is if it can convert the Ethernet/IP to Modbus TCP.
There are other solutions that can do that but one of the drawbacks to those solutions is that they create in intermediary database that can cause synchronization headaches when dealing with read/write registers (especially in redundant configurations). Does the Digi One IAP utilize an intermediary database or is it simply a gateway providing a direct conversion of the packets?

Thanks in advance.