can the WR11 gprs be turned off/on using the command line

I would like to turn cellular on/off on schedule to save power on battery operated device, can this be done using the ethernet link connected to the modem

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You can bring down the PPP interface off/on by CLI (so via local SSH/telnet connection for example) using the following commands (that will also disable the always on mode otherwise it would automatically re-connect again):

ppp 1 aodion 0
ppp 1 autoassert 0
ppp 1 deact_rq
config 0 save

To bring it back up, the commands would be:

ppp 1 aodion 1
ppp 1 autoassert 1
ppp 1 act_rq
config 0 save

(this will also re-enable the always on mode, depends on your needs of course)

The above suggestions should help in turning the Cellular connection off/on manually via CLI, but there is also another option specific for power saving that is to configure a “power control profile”.

At startup, the router always uses power control profile 0 unless otherwise configured, so basically you can configure a power profile that disable the cellular modem (and maybe other options basing on your needs) and just enable that profile by CLI.

More details about power profiles here:|_____6

I hope this helps, if you need any further help, please review our support options on our website:


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