Is there a way to remotely shutdown Digi WR31 model modem?

Is there anyway possible to remotely do a complete shutdown of WR31 modem?

As long as you know the modems IP address then yes there are many ways.
(Note not a “Complete Shutdown” but modem’s data is disabled)

Log into the modems Web-UI and go to execute a command

enter and execute this command:

modemcc 0 asy_add ?

Note the number returned for restoring WR31 modem!

then to disable the modem enter and execute these 3 commands (note it is assumed config 0 used at power up):

modemcc 0 asy_add 255
config 0 save

NOTE Once done you cannot restore remotely and must access WR-31 on LAN to restore! (see exception below)

To restore unit change the 255 back to original number noted earlier.

Remote restore can be done only if your service provider allows your WR-31 to send & receive SMS text messages, which depends on your service plans options.

If texting is available to the unit then setting up “TransPort router to accept CLI commands via SMS” will allow you to disable and re-enable via text.

See Digi Quick Note 18
Configuring a Digi TransPort router to accept CLI commands via SMS
Link to PDF:

Actually Thank you for asking as I learned something new trying this out over SMS to my Digi WR-31

This depends on what you are after doing with the modem as you can configure the module (PPP) interface to not come up automaticly.

once this is configured you can use an SMS message to enable and disable PPP when you need the module up and down


PPP 1 act_RQ


PPP 1 deact_rq



We have WR31-modem on a scientific measurement station in the middle of nowhere and we need to completely shutdown the modem. This is to avoid possible power surges (due to lightning) until we get a proper surge protection to the station.

You could use the power managment settings

this you could enable and set remotley

Tried the “PPP 1 deact_rq” but in my WR31 setup it restores itself in about 15 seconds after that command. The changing of the modems serial port connection “modemcc 0 asy_add x” does not restore itself.