Restoring a backup on different modem disable passwords


After configuring and creating a backup of the configuration file on a local WR31, the backup was sent to a remote location, and the file restored on a different modem but same model (WR31).

After restoring on the remote modem, the user was not able to login via the Web interface; it seemed the password were not valid anymore on the new modem.

  • Is this behavior the expected?
  • Can I restore a configuration created in one modem, on a different modem, and expect to work?

Thank you

While there could be a variety of causes, the most likely reason for such an issue is using password encryption. Encryption uses the router’s physical hardware footprint to generate a unique key. If restored to a different router, the hardware footprint is different, and that key will not work.

Try reconfiguring your router and ensure that password encryption is turned off. Then attempt the backup / restore operation.