Reset WR21 to factory default

To simplify the configuration of the new equipment, was download backup configuration from already running on the network device.
But, in a redundant configuration, the checkbox «Enable" Factory Default "reset button» has not been set.
Also, was set checkbox «Enable password encryption».
After upload backup in a new WR21, I can not login for the equipment through the WEB-interface, login and password are not accepted.
Reset settings to the factory, with the button on the front panel, it is impossible.

Please help in solving the problem.


If you have serial access you can change the password by using the

user x password

where x is the instance you want this should let you in through the web interface.

if the serial interface is locked as well then you will have to go through reloading the firmware with the flash writer methord or go through the recovery document on the support web site

that will reset the device back to factory default

Thank you.

I’m solved my problem through the flash writer.