Can the X2C ZB work as a stock 802.15.4 node - disable ZB?

Suppose sometimes I want the ZB mesh (& the complexity it forces), but other times I just want the simplicity of 802.15.4. Can I run an S2C as either? So turn off the ZB layer?

Sure; S1 could be used, but that is different HW which will upset some aged & well understood battery calculations.

Yes, S2C hardware can load with either 802.15.4 or Zigbee firmware using XCTU.

However, do note that you need to keep all nodes in network to same protocol i.e. either Zigbee or 802.15.4 at any instance. A network can’t be mix of both.

Thanks for your time to answer.

reading your comment, does that mean the X2 router would be able to work with the ZB LT Sensor by updating the router firmware to use Zigbee.


Connect Port X2 gateways already comes in Zigbee variant. You can straight away use it with Zigbee LT sensors creating a Coordinator-End Device configuration.