Cannot access ports on AnywherUSB 2 on XP Pro 32 bit


We have installed a AnywhereUSB 2 on our network and are trying to use it to provide a connection for a license dongle for some software running on XP Pro SP3 32 bit on VMWare.

The XP PC finds the hub fine and we can connect to it but cannot get any sort of connection to anything plugged into the USB hub ports. We have set the preferences to use Microsoft Device IDs, disabled DEP, disabled Printer Port and set values in the PermittedDevices registry key.

If we install the AnywhereUSB software on a Windows 7 PC we can connect to the hub and read a USB drive and the license dongle plugged into the port. That is how we got the values for the ViD and PiD for the permitted devices.

We have installed the XP drivers from the Digi website.

Any ideas please?


Newer drivers solves some known issues. try installing the newer driver from Digi website