Problems - AnywhereUSB/5 and Windows XP

first of all sorry for my poor english.

We have some problems to install DIGI AnywhereUSB/5 on Win XP (updated to last SP).

Installation executed with driver downloaded from the site

Windows 2008 Server 32bit – Ok
Windows Vista Business 32 bit – Ok
Windows XP Professional 32 bit: the installation is completed without errors, the application turns out installed, identifies the Digi device but it does not find the peripheral connected to USB.

Can you help us?
Thank you

Is the Windows XP system in a VMWare environment? If so, you will need to copy the ‘usbd.sys’ file from the Windows disc into the OS for the device to work properly. The following link describes how to pull this file into the OS:

What kind of peripheral are you trying to use?

no, is a physical machine with Windows XP SP3.

I have verified, the file usbd.sys is present in \windows\system32\drivers.

Thank you.

Other helps?