AnyWhere multi Windows Server 2008 driver problem

we are unable to make the DIGI AnyWhere USB/5 multi work on Windows Server 2008. It works on Windows 2007 to us. On Win server 2008 the device is visible but not accessible. If we plug for example a flash drive to the USB, it appears as device on the server but you cannot open the drive and read the files from it.

Can anybody suggest a solution? I suppose the Windows Server 2008 drivers are needed but they cannot be found on Digi page.

Here are the drivers for the AnywhereUSB products for Server 2008:

Go to the Drivers section and select Server 2008. Ensure to select the proper 32bit or 64bit drivers.


Can I have edgeport/1 driver ?

Here are the EdgePort drivers for Server 2008:

You must update the driver through Device Manager.