Cannot get ADC to cause a transmittion

Hey, i wonder if anyone can help me as im tearing my hair out with this one.

Im trying to get one XBee to read an analog voltage, limited to 1V, and transmit this to another XBee which will push this data out its URAT pin 2. (later to be connected to a PIC but for now its a bitscope)

Using the interface board from digi and the X-CTU software, i can confirm that they are communicating with each other, using the loop back technique (join Rx & Tx) and the ‘Range Test’ on X-CTU. However when i try the XBee’s in my very basic circuit, they do not read then transmit the voltage, or any data, to the receiver XBee.
The circuit is a 3.3V regulator with 10uF and 2uF capacitors on the input/output respectively and a potential divider providing 1V to AD1, which is configured as an ADC via X-CTU. Vref is tied to Vcc, so is at 3.3V, while all other settings are default.
The sensor XBee has the function set ‘End Device AT’ and the receiver as a ‘Coordinator AT’ and i am using XBee Series 2.

Am i missing something critical? or is it impossible to do what i am trying to do…

Hello Gravityworship,

First of all, are you using a programmable or non-programmable XBee? Could you check if each device discovers the other one with remote configuration in X-CTU?

Have a look on this link, I guess it would help you out.