Cannot install Net+OS 7.5 on Windows 8.1

Hi guys.I’ve recently changed laptops. OS: Windows 8.1
I came to install Net+OS 7.5, but get stuck after the dialog ‘Online Registration’ to submit name and email details. After entering some details, the next dialog says “Unable to send online registration”
I cannot progress from this dialog. All enabled buttons do nothing. [Retry], [Skip>] and even the dialog close [x] fails. I have to close ‘setup.exe’ with task manager.

Please help. I need to install this.

Sounds like there could be something wrong with this cd, downloading from a link would probably help with this issue. Also make sure you are installing as Administrator.

Hi Campbell
Thanks for your quick response. I’m afraid I’ve tried all these: different source (backup of original CD), running as Administrator, also switching off Windows signed driver enforcement.
I’ve managed to get a support request into Digi via my supplier. So, lets see what happens.

Thanks again.

Thought I’d wrap this one up. I managed to contact a Digi support guy, via my Digi supplier. From this, I received a new ISO, version 7.5.2. This worked a treat. I can only suppose there was a fault with the setup on my 7.5.0 version.

Anyway, all is good.