Cannot re-link kernel after manually removing 8e drivers

Cannot relink kernel after removing the MPI drivers for the Digiboard 8e. I get the following:

    The UNIX Operating System will now be rebuilt.
    This will take a few minutes.  Please wait.

    Root for this system build is /

undefined first referenced
symbol in file
pcx1open conf.o
pcx1close conf.o
pcx1read conf.o
pcx1write conf.o
pcx1ioctl conf.o
pcx1init conf.o
i386ld fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to unix
ERROR: Can not link-edit unix

idbuild: idmkunix had errors.
System build failed.

OS: SCO Openserver 5.0.5
Dg: Digiboard Accelport 8e

Never mind…

I figured it out. The font on the instructions for the manual removal has the number 1 and the letter l looking much the same. It was in removing pcx1 (one) where I ran into problems.

I was able to re-link the kernel after that.