Acceleport 8r 920 PCI & UnixWare 7.1.4 MP3

I install an Acceleport 8r 920 PCI card into an HP ML350 G4 server running SCO UnixWare 7.1.4. Install Menu Port Package v.4.2.2. After MPI execution, i’m selecting product installation from menu, but nothing happens.
Can you tell me how to use AccelePort 8r 920 on SCO UnixWare 7.1.4?

Thank you very much!

There are no known issues with that driver/OS/version combo. Perhaps the MPI package got corrupted during the download? Best bet would be to pkgrm the driver, re-download it (making sure to download in binary mode), then reinstall. Once the driver is installed run mpi to install your 8r920 PCI and hopefully you’ll be up and running :slight_smile: If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably want to create a Tech Support case so we can look into this further.

Where I can find Digiboard drivers for UnixWare 7.1.4?
I downloaded the original one, but during the installation I got error: installation of MenuPort failed (internal error)
Thanks in advance.


Technically, the support staff is right.
The MPI software supports only up to 7.1.3

However, I see no reason why the driver won’t work
on Unixware 7.1.4

The errors you are getting sure seem like a corrupt download image from one of the 2 disk images.

There is a “combined” version of the driver install package that you might want to try instead.

Obviously you can’t copy it to a floppy, but with 1 image, it will be easier to verify for you.

Now, it appears that it doesn’t exist on our ftp site, which I am not sure why, I will ask the “ftp site” maintainers why its not out there.

But in the mean time, you can grab it from here:

The file stats:

ls -l 40001802_AA.pkg

-rw-r–r-- 1 root sys 1782272 Jun 21 15:04 40001802_AA.pkg

sum 40001802_AA.pkg

27283 3481 40001802_AA.pkg

Let us know if it works for you.

Scott Kilau
Digi International

If the mpi package was corrupted, I can’t to install it.

There are 2 disk images available for download from here:

Here are the installation instructions:

Thanks for the links.
I downloaded it from the same link. I spoke with Digiboard support staff and they told me that UnixWare 7.1.4 is not supported.
The problem was that I got an error message during the installation.
I tried to install with the diskettes and through the ftp.
I got the same message:
" UX:tar: ERROR: Directory chcksum error then Error: extraction of ./tmp/perms failed".
Could you please give some tips about that?

Its on the site now…