Can't access to Connectport X2 ZB ethernet

I can’t access the connectport web interface with real port. The Digi Device Discovery tool also does not show the device (with firewall disabled). The only led on is the lower left led that is flashing. ¿There is another way to access such as the J3 pins of the PCB?

Real Port does not allow access to the Web Interface of an X2. To access the Web Interface, you need to enter in its IP address into a browser.

Depending on who you got the device from, the functions used by the Digi Device Discovery tool could be disabled or the device is on a different network.

Thanks for your reply,
I’m always accesing through IP. I think that could be a hardware problem. The device on the right works correctly, the device on the left not. The ethernet port leds don’t work. Both are feed with 12 V. There are some test points to make sure it’s hardware problem?

I would suggest following the directions at Digi ConnectPort X Family for restoring to defaults.

Thanks for your reply,
I had reset the device using the reset button because I can’t access the device, but it has no effect.

I am referring to using the reset button to Restore the device to defaults. That requires you to hold the reset button in for a period of time while powering the device up. If it does not work, then you will need to replace the device.