Can't connect to RealPort on ConnectPort X2d

This sounds a lot like the question asked and answered in, however when I followed that procedure it did not fix the problem.

I have a Digi Connect ME and a ConnectPort X2d. I set up a RealPort for each, in exactly the same way. My serial terminal connects fine to the DiGi Connect ME virtual COM port, however trying to connect to the VCP of the ConnectPort X2D yields the error “Unable to open connection to COM2. Unable to open serial port”.

I have enabled the serial access to the gateway radio in the ConnectPort X2D (per the above link) but it makes no difference.

What am I missing?

The following knowledge base article might be helpful:

Thanks very much for your suggestion. I followed the instructions and when XCTU tries to connect to the RealPort com port I get an error:

“Error discovering device :
Could not find any device in port COM2> Error initializing XBee device parameters>
COM2: SerOpenPort failed: : 59”

COM2 is the correct RealPort com port, BTW. I actually kind of expected this, because even Putty or RealTerm fail to open the port.

Sadly, I’m still stuck with a serial COM port that cannot be opened.

Have you confirmed the baud rate is set to 115200 on both the Windows COM port and the XBee radio?

Just to make sure, I took out the Xbee and plugged it into my XCTU programmer, and the baud rate is in fact correct. Using this baud rate when trying to connect via RealPort still fails.

I have contacted Digi and they say there is a possibility the device is somehow defective. They gave me an RMA and are going to replace the device.

I’ll post back when I know anything new.

Thanks for your help.