Can't access to Xbee with XCTU after configuring SPI

Hello, I have two XBee S2C and one of them, after configuring it as API mode and setting the SPI connections, I was unable to access to it by XCTU.
If I discover it with the other one (that is not configured as API mode) as they have the same PAN ID I can see it, but can’t access to it. I don’t have any Digi development board, soy i tried to reset it with the “XBee Recovery” option from the XCTU console, and grounding Reset pin (N° 5 in thrue hole board) but I haven’t got success.
Anyone had a similar problem?

use digi development board and try once it will work

After many tests I finally get the module recovered. I configured the one that I could access from XCTU as API 2 and I established an OTA connection with the other one and I reset it to factory configuration. After that the module was working fine!..