problem configuring XBEE using XCTU!!!

Hey guys!!!i have got 4 XBEE s2 modules.I have changed the parameters of XBEE using XCTU such that it read the analog voltage fron AD1 pin for every one second(it will be sleeping in rest of the time),and transmits the same to API coordinator XBEE.Both XBEEs are doing their jobs, and they are doing it fine.But when i try to upload new parameters in to XBEE using XCTU, a new window pops up saying “Unable to communicate with modem”.i used libelium shield, Arduino 2560 to establish connection between XCTU,XBEE. [:-/]

Friends i have tried to troubleshoot it using a lot of methods, trust me i have been checking on net scinde seven days.I can’t assume any hardware problem because the same problem repeated with 3 XBEEs.Now i have 3 XBEEs which doesn’t work properly.

My boss wants some immediate results.Plz guys i need some real help here!!! [:(]

thanks very much in advance.

Create a Online support Request in the Digi website at the link, ,digi folks may help you with the better solution.

Hello sai_kiran, that problem may be caused by an incorrect baudrate configuration or because the module is sleeping when you try to read/write parameters, try pressing the Commissioning button once to wake up the module for 30 seconds.


Try with the baud rates 9600(by default baud rate) and 115200.