X-CTU cannot read Xbee Pro2

I am facing this problem. My X-CTU can connect to Xbee Pro2, i.e., when i click test/query, successful msg appears. However, under Modem Config tab, i cannot read its parameters. Anyone help me solve this problem?
PS: my firmware is the latest version.


Are you getting any error when reading module parameters?

Hello zhaorenbo,

What do you mean with “the latest version”? That your X-CTU is updated with latest firmware versions or that the XBee module was updated recently?

Assuming that X-CTU is updated, sometimes it happens that the module has end-device firmware and it is in cyclic sleep, so you should wake it up by pushing Commissioning button once, or pushing it four times to reset module with factory default settings.

Let us know if it works.

Please check if Loopback jumper is removed from your XBIB-xxxxx board.