X-CTU communication


I am testing to communicate between ZB END DEVICE AT and X-CTU software.

ZB END DEVICE AT firmware version is 2841.
I am using default parameters.

When I connect ZB END DEVICE to X-CTU software with hardware flow control, Read action in Modem Configuration is unstable.
Sometimes Read action is able to read a configuration.
But Read action can not read parameters, almost case.

The other hands, XBee Configuration on web interface of connect port 8x always is able to read a configuration.

Please let me know how to read a configuration from X-CTU software certainly.

If you right click on the blue bar at the top of the X-CTU program and select “About”, what X-CTU version are you running?

Is this module mounted on an XBIB dev board, or how are you talking to it from the XCTU software?

Hi, admin

I am using XBIB-R-DEV REV.4 board or XBee RS232C adapter.

X-CTU connection is
X-CTU on pc — serial cable — XBIB board
X-CTU on pc — serial cable — XBee RS232C adapter.

Web interface connection is
Web interface on PC — ethernet cable — ConnectPort8X — Zigbee on air — XBIB board.

X-CTU connection is unstable,
Web interface is stable.

Thank you.

Hi daemons,

I am using Beta version X-CTU.

I need to update X-CTU software?

Thank you.

The version can be found on this page:

Please try it and see if the problem is still occurring.

Hi admin,

Thank you for you reply.

I will update the software.

Thank you very much.

Hi suqihara,
I have a lot of problems with X-CTU under Vista. Are you running Vista?