Can't check upload image file name in 7.4

In sys/utils/firmware.c is a handy routine fw_get_image_type(char *file) which checks the name of an uploaded file to see whether its one of the ‘special’ files - rom image, bootloaded and so on.

I’ve modified this to check for an alternative, project-specific, file name - imagine the shambles if all ‘real world’ image files were called ‘image.bin’. (Something it would be nice to have configurable).

However in Net+OS 7.4 this routine isn’t called (just upgraded from 7.1).

Anyone any idea whether there’s now an alternative call which will do what I want? Or any other solution?

Are you uploading via ftp? I use the ftp service to upload and the file name is checked in ftpsvrfs.c in a couple of functions - just search your project files for “image.bin”

hope this helps.

Its mostly the browser-based upload I was concerned with - have found the code for that is now in fwdl.c - not so easy to change in a generically configurable manner, since its common code. Looks as if the FTP routines might call that same code as well.

I’ve hacked that code to do what I need in the short term, but not nice!