filename image.bin

I’m not a very skilled in working with DIGI product and so I’ve a question for you.
I’m working with a DIGI connect me device; No problems but I want to be sure that the name of ‘executable’ has to be always and only ‘image.bin’. In which part of manual I can read that this is the reseved filename?
So can I have a different name for my applications?
Thank you all for the answers

You are correct in that the name should be ‘image.bin’ for the standard ‘executable’

If you use the ESP workbench then this name is set as default. Also if you produce standard applications based on the ESP sample start application this will include the ability to upgrade the application firmware via either FTP of HTTP. both of these mechanisms expect the application firmware to ne named ‘image.bin’

You may also need to check-out the bootlader formware which is named ‘rom.bin’.

thank you rdeadbill,
but what happens when, for example via FTP, I try to ‘put’ a file with a different name?
I see that no error message is showed & the transfer seems to be completed with success.
This sometime can be dangerous…
Do you share it?

I suspect that you have the file system enabled, so the normal operation is to save the file to the file system. If you do a dir on FTP you should see it has been stored.

Both FTP and HTTP, have a hardcoded check of the filenames to look for ‘image.bin’, ‘rom.bin’ and ‘backup.bin’ and to process these differently. The ‘backup.bin’ should provide a working system, if ‘image.bin’ gets corrupted on the upload. I have not tried this so not sure it works. ‘rom.bin’ is the bootloader which only needs to be changed if you want to do some low-level stuff with the bsp, or want to change the allocation of memory areas.

Many thanks for the answer,
it’s not a great problem, I’d like only to avoid misunderstanding because I work on different equipment having DIGI on board, and so with different ‘image.bin’
But if it’s not possible… I’ll pay more attention.
Sure it’s a stiff restriction to haven’t the chance to change the name.

Thank you again.

I built an app on my PC that includes an FTP component. When the user selects a file, say “My App For Digi Connect ME.bin”, then program sends it to the module, but tells the module the filename is image.bin. This way the user doesn’t have to worry about renaming the file.

Another way to handle this is to build a batch file that extracts a ZIP with your proper name that contains the image.bin and FTP’s it to the module using FTP scripting, then deletes the image.bin and batch script when it finishes.