Change default image.bin name from makefile

When I build my application, the output file is always image.bin. However, I am building four different versions of the app for two different platforms. The different platforms are specified as normal with a PLATFORM= command line parameter. I figured out how to tell the makefile to compile different versions with a APP_VERSION= command line parameter. I would like to have it output a file based on these two parameters, so that if I pass PLATFORM=connectme and APP_VERSION=AppVersionOne then the output file name would be image.connectme.AppVersionOne.bin instead of image.bin.

I suppose I can always wrap the make call into a batch file that renames image.bin, but that seems kind of clunky.


The FTP server only accept files called “image.bin” or “rom.bin”. So if you want to upload the files in the DIGI, you will need to rename them in “image.bin”.


I plan on making a program to connect to the FTP server, because of the problems with disconnecting/unpowering too soon causing module lockups. This program can present the file to the FTP server as image.bin, no matter what the file on the hard drive is called.

Or, if I wanted, I could mod lines 132 to 136 in ftp_flash_stor of naftpapp to handle my filenames.

Has anyone resolved this with NetOS 7.x, before I start digging further?

(I’ve found a definition in src\LinkerScripts\makefile.appbuild.original, but changing it didn’t seem to do anything - maybe it has to be set before a new project is created. And changing the name in the project properties didn’t seem to work, either).

For me, it would be enough to set the output file name differently for each project.