image.bin generated


I’ve got the following question regarding the image.bin file generated when I do a compile.

I’ve got NETOS 7.4 installed with all the latest package updates. When I compile in release mode a project for a CC9P9215, I get the image.bin.

But if I do a new compile, without any changes to my project, I can see a few differences in the new image.bin file compared to the previous image.bin file.

Also, if I compile my project on another computer having NETOS 7.4 and all the latest package updates, there are a lot of differences in the image.bin file.

Is there a documentation regarding the bin file or other that would explain these differences?


image.bin is compressed, so my guess is that changes early on in the image will cause more mutations later in the file. This is common when using compression algorithms like Huffman, or LZ (btw, I don’t know which algorithms are being used)

Ok. Thanks