Can't detect my ME9210.


My setup:
DSP <—serial lines (RXD, TXD, …)—> Digi Connect ME9210 <— crossover lan-cable —> PC (WinXP SP3, Firewall deactivated, etc.)

I’m not able to find my Digi-module via the PC - Digi-Device-Detection, RealPort-Setup, IP-Scanner did not find any module.

In all the documents I’ve just read about how to configure the module if the IP-address is known. I don’t know the IP address of my module.

  • Is there any factory default? (Guess I would have found it with the IP-scanner)
  • How can I tell the module which address to use - either using the ‘external’ LAN connection or the serial lines connected to the DSP?
  • If it is possible to communicate / do configurations using the serial lines, are there any restrictions on the serial communication (e. g. baud-rate, data-format or whatever)?

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Are yoiu using the Development Board - if yes: RTFM

Hint: Had a look at the Quick Start Guide?

I’m not using the development board and I’ve read the manual.

The solution was pretty simple but annoying: There are two versions of the ME9210: standard (“-S”) and custom (“-C”).
RealPort just doesn’t work with the “-C”-version and the “-S”-version is quite new - even the distributer has hasn’t known it.