Realport Discovery with Digiconnet me 9210 -c


We use the Realport Driver with some DigiConnent ME 9210 -c.

It works fine.
The only Problem is that the “Device Discovery Wizard” from the Driver dont find my device when i browse it. (I have to set the IP manual.)

(The discovery from the Modul works fine. Only the discovery from the Realport devices dont)

Maybe it only works with Plug and Play, or with the DigiConnect ME?

Thank you

You might want to have a look at the following troubleshooting article:


I think it is a problem of the discovery tool.
There are some difference between DigiConnect ME and DigiConnect 9210. Baybe the RealPort Device Discovery Wizard works only with DigiConecct ME?

Can someone confirm this?
Is someone useing Relaport with DigiConnect 9210 successfull?

Thank you