Can't http into Digi SP & TS Devices

I have a network that has multiple digi devices that I have been able to http into for over 5 years. There is nothing wrong with my network, I used it all day to remote desktop into the system. I also can ping each digi device just fine.

With recent upgrades to XP-SP3 and the normal patch tuesday updates I have to believe something on my machine has changed (setting).

Any ideas?


More than likely you are running into a known issue that Engineering is working on resolving. What is happening is that with the recent upgrades to Internet Explorer that are included in SP3 and the normal patches, IE no longer works due to a GET HTTP request with a 300+ byte ‘option’ line. The current firmware on those devices will only accept a 300 byte ‘option’ line so anything larger than this is rejected by the device.

The work around that most customers have been using is to use Firefox until the next release of firmware. Otherwise, you can uninstall things such as Microsoft Silverlight to try and make the GET HTTP request smaller than 300 bytes.