Can't ping other routers


I have routers on Verizon fixed IP addresses that can’t ping each other. They are set to IP pass-through but they act the same even if not. I can ping IPs in other C IPs, just not in mine. Any thoughts?

Dear customer,

thanks for your question!

In order to better help you, we would need to know which model of router you are referring to.
Also, we would need to check the configuration and the status of the two routers involved in the setup.
I would suggest you to please send an email to with the above details as well as SN/IMEI of the units for warranty check.
This will create a case on our portal and we will be able to better assist you.

Please also review our support options here:

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Digi Technical Support Team

Please post debug.txt from the router and IP addresses you are pinging from and to

This problem has been fixed.