Can't use USB Anywhere through VPN

I am trying to use the USB Anywhere in a remote configuration and connect through a VPN tunnel. On the USB Hub side, I am connecting through a serial-CANBUS dongle to a CANBUS device.

I have configured the USB anywhere, and CAN PING IT THROUGH THE VPN TUNNEL. HOWEVER, I am unable to see the Hub on the Remote Hub Device Configurator application unless I am connected locally through the LAN port on my PC… Through the tunnel I am able to pull up the web interface of the Hub.

Is there a certain MTU that the device requires? The tunnel is set up to use 1414 MTU. I took off “Encryption enabled” but allowed “Tunnel Enabled” as the VPN already encrypts the data… makes no difference with this on or off.

The CANBUS device that I am trying to connect to obviously doesn’t send a broadcast signal - at least an IP based broadcast that would get blocked by the router…

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

The AnywhereUSB/2 features two USB ports capable of supporting USB 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 devices, although USB 2.0 devices top out at a transmission speed of 12 Mbps, even on a 100 Mbps network.

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