AnywhereUSB connection through VPN


I am trying to connect to my AnywhereUSB unit through a Checkpoint based VPN and it won’t connect.
The unit is connected at the office to a safe@office Router and I am connected from a different network using Securemote. I can actually ping the unit so it’s not a networking issue, but the software just won’t see it.
Of course I can connect without any problems when I’m on the same LAN as the unit and use my devices.

Any thoughts?

Yes, I do have some thoughts. You need to make sure that you have the network ID of the network that the AnywhereUSB resides on in the “Discovery List”. You would also need to make sure UDP is allowed to pass between the router on the AnywhereUSB side and your side. We use UDP to discover the AnywhereUSB.

If putting the network ID of the network that the AnywhereUSB resides on doesn’t work in the Discovery List try putting in the actual IP address of the AnywhereUSB (if you were able to preconfigure it before you moved it to that remote subnet and I believe you have)

Keep me posted.

Mike Swift


Thanks for your help.
It seems that for some reason it won’t work via a wireless cellular connection which I used to initially test the connection in the office.
It worked on the VPN from home and also I’m in the office now and connected to a nearby access point and everything works great.

So no problem I guess, a bit weird with the cellular connection thing but I don’t mind much.


That is strange. It’s not supposed to matter on how you connect as long as your connection used TCP/UDP via Ethernet. I’ve even used a dial up connection to a remote computer via an attached modem and didn’t have any problems…albeit things were painfully slow :slight_smile:

Thanks for your information. I’ll make a note of it and pass it along to our engineering group.

Take care,

I had the same issue