Capturing Multiplexed Analogue Signals


We already use Rabbit controllers for some of our applications. This time is different because we have 18 analogue inputs, 13 of which are multiplexed together.

Is it possible to de-multiplex signals on a Rabbit controller? Could all the inputs on the Rabbit be connected in parallel and given then one multiplexed signal? I’ve had a good look, but can’t seem to find any info on whether it is possible, let alone how to do it.

If it can’t be done, are there any controllers that have 18 analogue inputs? I can demultiplex the signal myself and then just have 18 seperate inputs. However, I can’t seem to find anything that has 18 analogues. Plenty have tonnes of digital I/O, but not enough analogue.

Apprecaite the feedback.


For the same tasks we use analod multiplesor\demultiplecsors. It made on signal relays.

Sergey K