Debugging many rabbits

Hey everyone:

I am working on a project where I have several 4000’s talking to each other. I am looking for tips & tricks on how to debug multiple rabbits at the same time. It seems like I cannot get multiple copies of DC to run concurrently listening to different serial ports.

The goal is to be able to debug 3 rabbits at the same time.

Thanks for nay help.

Take a look at the sample program stdio_serial.c, which is located in the Dynamic C samples directory. It demonstrates how to redirect stdio functionality out a serial port. This will allow you to use Hyperterminal, TeraTerm, or any other serial terminal to send/receive debugging information at runtime without Dynamic C.

Thanks tgarcia…

I had not thought about it this way, but this may get me enough to start. I was looking for the real DC debugger to be able to step through the code on 2 or more RCM4000.

I will try this first. Much appreciated…

Scott from has made a library which allows rabbits to send their debug info using an udp socket. This way info can be gather at a central pc from all rabbits in the network:

Also a lot of other interesting things over there, check it out!

I will check it out. UDP won’t help me much since the modules I am debugging do not have the ethernet ports…