CC9M2443 - How do I Rebuild Toolchain? (due to: glib needing WCHAR)

Hello -

I’m trying to build USBIP. I got the drivers to build, but having trouble w/ user-land apps due to their dependencies: glib->gettext… etc.

My problem is with undefined MB_CUR_MAX in vasnprint.c. Other lists on the web say WCHAR and locale need to be enabled, and the toolchain rebuilt.

How do I enable WCHAR and locale and rebuild the toolchain? I have CC9M2443 using the DVD’s supplied KUBUNTU install, everything canned.

Thanks in advance

source code for toolchain should be somewhere on DVD. Toolchain is uclib based and ot glibc, perhaps this is your problem

Thanks - I’ll see if I can hack the compilation to work…