Windows-based Linux toolchain to use with Visual Studio?


I’ve got a question regarding a Windows toolchain for cross-compiling Linux applications for DigiConnect ME boards.

We have developed a Visual Studio plugin that allows building apps with GCC and debugging them with GDB. However, to use it for DigiConnect ME, we have to use a Linux virtual machine running the Digi toolchain that came on the CD with the board.

Is there a possibility to get a Windows-based cross-compilation toolchain to use it with Visual Studio directly and not need the Linux VM?

I dont think Digi has such a support.
For Linux application you need to use Linux environment .
Even i am using VM. I suppose this is Digi Connect ME 9210. As Digi Connect ME dont have Linux support.

OK, I guess, I’ll post a step-by-step guide on debugging Linux Digi boards with Visual Studio and a Linux VM… Maybe some Visual Studio fans like me will find it interesting.