change an end device to a routor over the air

[:-/] I have two XBEE-pro s2b. I configured one of them to be the coordinator, and another the end device via UART using X-CTU. Then they worked in the same network. I wonder if I can change the end device to be a routor by the coordinator over the air. I’ve tried many times. The remote configuration dump said that " Programming Complite", but the function set was not changed. Anyone could help me, thank you! [:-/]

Hello Yi,

In Remote Configuration window, click on Network Settings and check Enable in Remote firmware updates. Yeah, it’s very well hidden, I don’t know why ¬¬

That’s very kind of you. I’ve solved my problem, thank you!

But another question:
If I convert a routor to an end device, the sleep mode of the new end device is 0-No Sleep. Then it can not join the network again.
If I convert an end device to a routor, the sleep mode of the new routor is 4-Cyclic Sleep. Then it acts as an end device but has a routor firmware.
All the OTA firmware updates are done with same IDs and same channels.
Why is this happenning? [:-/] What can I do to make it ok? [:-/] Any help is welcomed, thank you!