Change Detect Values - need clarification

I am trying to line pass a 266 Hz signal between 2 XBees (FW 10CD). I am confused as to how I select the value for Change Detect (IC) and was hoping someone could give me some insight

I know this isn’t the question you asked, but 266Hz sounds a bit fast to me. It’ll require a transmission about every 2mS. The manual doesn’t say what the maximum transmission rate is for change detect, but under the IR command (for repetitive sampling) it recommends setting IR for transmission no more often than one transmission in 20mS. I’d suggest you check this with the excellent folks at Digi support.

As for the confusion, it’d probably help if you could explain which part of the product manual you’re having trouble with. You’d want to use the IC parameter on the sending XBee and the IA parameter on the receiving XBee. Without more detail, it’s difficult to know how to reply.

I figured it out myself. The parameter is the bitmask value of the data channels (ADC0, ADC0…DIO7,DIO6 etc) that are enabled. But thanks for responding, I do appreciate it.