Line Passing a square wave signal.

Hello all, I am trying to pass a 100hz square wave signal using line passing feature. so far no luck.I’m also using three pins for simple inputs,high/low.The other two I will use to drive square wave signals. Here is my code. I would greatly appreciate any help.

Remote: BASE:
DL=0x5678 DL=0X1234
MY=0x1234 MY=0X5678
CE=0 CE=1
D0=3 D3=3 D0=4 D3=4
D1=3 D4=3 D1=4 D4=4
D2=3 D2=4
IR=0X3 IA=0X1234
T0=0X64 T1,2,3,4=0X64

From my reading of the documentation, the IA parameter should be a 64-bit module address to enable line passing from the particular module with that source address. So I think your value of 0x1234 is saying “accept signals only from module 0000000000001234” You could replace it with the 64-bit address of the sending module, or with the special value 0xffff which enables line passing from any other module (probably the best setting while you’re experimenting). For completeness’ sake, the other special value is 0xffffffffffffffff which is the default and which prevents acceptance of line states from any module.

While testing, I’d also be inclined to lower the frequency of the square wave (say to 1 Hz). Then when that works, increase the frequency to see how high it can go while still working reliably.

If that doesn’t work, could you post the settings again making it clear which settings are on the remote or on the base? They would have been in neat columns when you typed them, but as you’ll have seen the formatting has lost the columns.

Here it goes again.

CE =1

Thanks for the repost - much clearer. And sorry - I was wrong. The documentation does indeed say that IA can take a 16-bit address. Moral: read twice, post once :slight_smile:

I’ve been taking a look at the new 10Cx product manual (announced in another topic) to see how it’s changed from the previous version, and I came across this new clause on page 13: “configuring the modem to sample at rates greater than once every 20ms is not recommended”. Since you’ve got IR at 0x03 (3mS), maybe try a lower sampling rate to see whether it helps? But perhaps you already have tried that.

The 1xAx version of the manual, in the description of the IR command on page 44, gives the example of setting IR to 0x0a for a 100Hz sampling rate. In the new 1xCx manual, the wording of the IR command description has been changed to reflect the new 20mS guidance. So presumably the higher rates did give problems of some sort.

And if that doesn’t work either: what version of firmware are you using?

EDIT: The description of the IR command puts it rather differently: “A sample rate which requires transmissions at a rate greater than once every 20mS is not recommended”. On that basis, your settings seem to call for a transmission every 15mS so I think they’re still outside the recommended range.

EDIT 2: With the IC parameter enabled as well as the regular samples, does that push the transmission rate still higher? It looks to me that you may be asking for a transmission at every transition of the square wave (ie every 10mS) as well as the regular timed samples.

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Thanks for the advise. I actually was able to pass the signal at a lower frequency. At 25hz to 80hz, the square wave is good but after that it begins to wig out. I decided to process my signal at the remote micro-controller then pass the numeric value of the frequency through UART.

Thanks again.