Change startup configuration dialog

Does anyone know how I can go about making the startup configuration dialog output to com 2 instead of com 1 on the ME. I got everything else to output to com2 by changing the bsp.h and appconf.h files to output to com 2, but the configuration dialog is still coming out com1.

I’m trying to use the ME to control a lagacy serial device, but I can’t have it throwing all that stuff out the com port at startup. It basically confuses our device and then the device responds and the ME ends up thinking that a user has told it that the confiruation settings should be changed.

Anyway, I would prefer to just make the output go to com2, but if all I can do is disable it, that would be fine too.



I assume that you are referring to the application dialog, which provides you with information regarding the running application and network configuration, correct?

Seeing as you are wanting to communicate with some other device, using serial port 1 (/com/0) there are actually few changes you will want/have to make.

By default a NET+OS applications sets up /com/0 as the APP_DIALOG_PORT and APP_STDIO_PORT (defined in appconf.h). The former of these two sets up the interface to which the application dialog is outputted to. The latter determines where standard i/o, e.g. printf(), is sent. The valid options are:

  1. “/com/0” - this is the default for most application examples.
  2. “/com/1” - available on those platforms with 2 serial interfaces.
  3. “/com/2” - - available on those platforms with 3 serial interfaces.
  4. “/com/3” - available on those platforms with 4 serial interfaces.
  5. “udpdb/0” - use UDP Debug driver (described in NET+OS API reference).
  6. NULL - disabled

Besides making the aforementioned change you may also have to further modify the BSP, in order to enable the interface you wish to use.

In your case you will need to:

  1. Edit src/bsp/platforms/connectme/bsp.h and change BSP_SERIAL_PORT_2 from the default of BSP_SERIAL_NO_DRIVER to BSP_SERIAL_UART_DRIVER.
  2. Rebuild your BSP and application.

There is one thing to keep in mind here. The Connect ME only has two serial ports, by virtue of the JTAG connector being present. Once you go into production the ME modules you will use will be JTAG-less and hence only have a single serial port available.

If your application defines the dialog and/or stdio port to be /com/1 and your target device has no JTAG, the application will most likely crash. In other words, prior to bulding your application for a JTAG-less module make certain that you set the APP_DIALOG_PORT and/or APP_STDIO_PORT to NULL, or /udpdb/0.


Thanks, that was exactly what I needed.