ME9210 NET+OS woes

I’m having difficulty with some pretty basic things on the ME9210:

Q: How do you disable RealPort? In appservices.h I’ve set

and it’s still running. I’ve done a clean rebuild too.

Q: How do you change the timeout value for the configuration dialog during bootup? I’m referring to the line that reads “Press any key in 5 seconds to change these settings.” I’ve changed it using the GUI Properties->NET+OS->Options->appconf.h Options->Dialog Delay, and I can see it change the APP_BSP_DELAY line in appconf.h, but it continues to delay for 5 seconds. And yes, again, I’ve done a clean rebuild.

Q: Have you ever worked with an embedded device that has more poorly written API documentation? That wasn’t really a question :wink:

The configuration dialog timeout (and a lot of other parameters) are actually stored in non-volatile RAM. The value defined in the header file is only used as a default if the non-volatile RAM configuration is not there or is corrupt.

If you use ESP to debug the application it provides a prompt regarding setting configuration to default. I believe that this will load the values defined in your application.

Only other way to change them is through the boot dialog or to get your application to actually update the NVR.

Hm. How do you get the “Reset device settings” dialog to pop back up if you’ve checked “Remember my answer and don’t ask me again.”? I can’t find anything in the help section that says how to do this.

Found it. It appears you have to edit com.digi.netos.prefs under .settings. Which is documented…where?