Changing IP settings Stops Module Booting ME 9210 NET+OS

I’ve been using My NET+OS application for some time in the wild however recently I have had two modules fail after having the network settings changed to DHCP. I am using the network setting code from the sample application network_config_v.c

After rebooting the application the serial outputs to following message then locks up not allowing me to press a key and change the settings:

NET+OS Version 7.4.2 Copyright (c) 1997-2008, Digi International, Inc.  PLATFORM: connectme9210_esp 4M/8M [May 05 2010 10:32:19] APPLICATION: Intrasonics Real Time Encoder Manager [May  5 2010 10:33:19] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- NETWORK INTERFACE PARAMETERS:   The board will obtain IP configuration parameters from the network.   IPv6 static  address on LAN is :: prefixlen 64   Primary SNTP Server IP address is   Secondary SNTP Server IP address is HARDWARE PARAMETERS:   Serial channels will use a baud rate of 65535   This board's serial number is    This board's Ethernet MAC Address is 00:00:8B:8C:00:00   After board is reset, start-up code will wait 65263 seconds   Default duplex setting for Ethernet connection: Invalid Duplex Setting ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Press any key in 65263 seconds to change these settings.

As you can see it appears the NVRAM has been corrupted in some way as some of the values are very odd

Is this an issue that has been seen in the past?

I’ve seen something similar.
At some point in the 7.4.2 updates I think Digi changed the format of the NVRAM data block from that set up by the factory-loaded bootloader in the ME9210 (and the ME). The net result being that changing the network settings via a browser API or similar corrupted other variables.
The ‘fix’ is to make sure you run the config dialog and re-save the settings once you’ve installed your final application.
There was also a problem where disabling fixed IP didn’t always enable DHCP (or something like that) - arose in the same set of changes, I think, and is now fixed.

Does that mean that if I were to update ESP to the latest versions the problem should be fixed?

Not only ESP, but recompile all your code using the latest version, and update both rom.bin and image bin in your target. Then run the configuration dialog, ensuring that the settings are definitely written out to Flash.

Great thanks Steve