Migrate from 6.0 to 6.3

I started an application with NetOS6.0 and now I have a new developer board with 6.3

I used to store the IP in NVRAM using customizeSaveIPParameters. But now, with 6.3 it doesn’t work anymore. I always get the same factory IP. I save the new one, but it needs to be restarted so I do it, and get the factory one again.

any idea of what’s going on??

When developing in NET+OS 6.0/6.3 I would recommend using the ACE functionality to change the IP settings in NVRAM. I.E. use customizeAceGetConfig and customizeAceSetConfig.

Also, if you’re developing a new 6.3 image and the module you’re developing the image on has a 6.0 image stored in flash, if you ever reboot the module and it starts up 6.0, the 6.0 image will not be able to convert the 6.3 NVRAM settings to a 6.0 NVRAM settings and thus will restore the NVRAM settings to default. If this is the case, try loading in the 6.3 version of the naftpapp to avoid this problem going ahead.

What are you doing different? Post some code, because I started with 5.0, went to 6.0, then to 6.3 and didn’t change my customizeIPGetParameters() at all.


As Charliek said, it was a trouble reading the old values. I updated them and now it works. Thank you!!