Change UART pins on Pro S2B using AT commands

Is it possible to change the DIN/DOUT pins on a Pro S2B using AT commands? If not, is there a way to listen/send to the output on other pins, like D2/D3?
For context:
There is constant data flow between devices A1 and A2, but devices B1 and B2 need bidirectional communication infrequently. Interrupting the flow between A1 and A2 is acceptable, so ideally I’d like to use one radio pair and “switch” the I/O from the A pair to the B pair, then back again. Alternatively, both pairs could be listening to the same output and deciding to ignore/use the incoming data.

Is there a way to do this with the Pro S2Bs or do I need two radio links?

No, there really is not an AT command that would turn on and off a Remote radios UART. You would be better off using an 802.15.4 network where by you can change the Channel on the receiver. Doing this would not keep the data from being transmitted. It would just keep you from receiving it. Then you could send data from device B to A. Or you can use a 2nd set of radios operating on a different channel.

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