XBee pin state override normal Din/Dout transmission?


I have 2 XBees set up to communicate with each other, one connected to the computer and the other connected to an Arduino. The Arduino sends serial information to its XBee via the Din/Dout lines, and the XBee sends the information over to the other XBee on the computer.
I will also have the XBees set up to share the state of pin D3, so that when the computer XBee pin D3 goes high, the Arduino XBee pin D3 goes high.

If two XBees are in the middle of normal serial communication dictated by their Din/Dout lines, will information about pin state changes override and be transmitted also? So if the first XBee is in the middle of receiving wired serial data, if the other XBee has a pin state change, will the pin state change be registered by the first XBee?

This is a question related to wirelessly programming an Arduino with an XBee module that is also used as a remote control.